Cronin - 2016

"The Nida School of Translation Studies is unique in the opportunity it offers to bring together students and scholars of translation to engage in intense, stimulating and wide-ranging discussions on important issues. The support and encouragement it provides to anyone with a keen interest in translation is exemplary and is in my own experience unparalleled elsewhere."

(Michael Cronin, Dublin City University - Nida Professor 2016)

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Israel - 2016

"The Nida School of Translation Studies is an excellent forum for anybody interested in translation to develop their thinking and research further. It brings together established scholars and research students for in-depth discussions on all aspects of translation in a supportive environment. My conversations with the rest of the school stimulated and energised my own research in new directions."

(Hephzibah Israel, Edinburgh -- Visiting Faculty 2016)

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West - 2014

"My experience at NSTS was one of the highlights of my more than twenty five years of teaching. I emphasise ‘teaching’ because my overriding sense of the two weeks I spent in Misano Adriatico was one of being a part of a remarkable pedagogical experience. The careful selection of Nida professors, faculty, and the associates, together with the careful attention to the structuring of time combined to make this a memorable experience. […] The combination of the coherence provided by the Nida professors across a week, the formal structured contributions of faculty and associates (with time made for discussion around each and every presentation), and the opportunities for structured one-on-one tutorials provided the frame for a unique pedagogy. The programme also included enough ‘down’ time in the lovely surroundings for a truly human dimension to the process. It is the combination of all these elements that makes the NSTS such a remarkable ‘event’."

(Gerald West, Kwa-Zulu Natal -- Nida Professor 2016 & Visiting Faculty 2014)

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Bermann - 2015

"A stimulating, collegial experience. Add the joint presence of Biblical translators, as well as literary and translation studies scholars -- groups often kept separate -- and the result was an eye-opening exploration of the powerful, ethically charged role of translation in constructing and transforming our cultural practices." 

(Sandra Bermann, Princeton -- Nida Professor 2015)

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Arrojo - 2014

"The NSTS has been instrumental in redefining and expanding the ways in which translation studies has been understood and conceptualized, particularly in Europe, and with its growing influence, worldwide as well. Considering that, in the last few years, the School has invited scholars such as Vicente Rafael, Gayatri Spivak, Sherry Simon, and Lawrence Venuti, among others, to join its faculty, it is quite clear that it is open to a conception of translation that recognizes the transformative, essentially ideological role played by translators in the shaping of cultures and identities. I felt honored to be part of the school's faculty in 2014." 

(Rosemary Arrojo, Binghamton -- Visiting Faculty 2014)

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Venuti - 2014

"I don't think I've participated in a similar event with as high a level of informed engagement as the NSTS. Bringing together scholars of translation and Biblical scholars--groups whose interests often overlap but who don't always have the opportunity to meet--generates provocative conversations and serendipitous discoveries. When you consider that the professors, lecturers, and associates come from such far-flung locations, you become aware not only that translation studies constitutes an international community of researchers, but that it represents one way of addressing the linguistic and cultural inequalities that structure the global exchange of ideas today." 

(Lawrence Venuti, Temple -- Nida Professor 2014)

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Timothy Beal, Case Western Reserve -- Nida Professor 2014

"NSTS offers just the kind of experience so many of us long for: a genuinely collegial intellectual community in which scholars with different backgrounds and research interests come together in ways that are generative of new questions and perspectives. I've come away with new colleagues and new ideas." 

(Timothy Beal, Case Western Reserve -- Nida Professor 2014)

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